Who is dparkhurst?

Who is Dizzle and how can I get to know him better? He will try and answer that in as little space as he can. Originally from the upstate region of New York, his life has been filled to the brim with salt potatoes, Hoffman hot-dogs, and the usual twelve feet of snow during the winter…

Being stuck inside for nine months out of the year, Dave grew up on Zelda, action movies, heavy metal, and the WWF/E. It’s really the typical up-state/redneck vibe, but with men in multi-color tunics. He currently has his eyes set on the far east, but things are still somewhat in the air. He would love to put his bachelor’s degree to some use.

If life wasn’t crazy enough, Dave is trying to get his ideas set into motion with the Cicero branch of the big-name party ticket. He loves talking video games, politics,and his new interest in Star Trek. He’s a pretty big geek and his occasional video review will enhance that image.

Yeah… I’m a chick magnet.


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