Who is Ashesinpompeii?


As a resident of upstate New York’s cultural wasteland, Scott has become fairly well acquainted with the idea of finding new ways to entertain oneself. As someone who likes sounds, it is fairly obvious that he be drawn to music. As a music fan, he is very open minded, or so he says. Those who know him best would  admit that his taste in music is fairly diverse, but only when he wants it to be. Scott tends to find very specific things appealing, and as the other side of the same coin finds other things to be horrendously offensive to the ears of those unfortunate enough to hear them, let alone choose to listen to them. His idea by joining The Low Budget Review is to persuade some people to seek out some tunes that aren’t mainstream. Enjoy something indie for a change. Look back to the 60’s and 70’s and see more than the Beatles and Journey et al.

Every week a new album will be review. New could mean just released, or could be something he found laying around ready to give a listen to. He promises to try and keep the reviews on the interesting, and hopefully short side, with a score for each record. He will also try to be objective as much as possible, however it is assumed that many writings will be of music that he likes and feels needs to be spread to others.  On occasion there will be playlists of some of Scott’s essential mixes, things that go well together or that he feels are the cream of the crop for an artist’s discography.

He will also pop up in game and movie reviews as well, and look for some sports coverage in the future perhaps??


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