About the Low Budget Review

About:  The Low Budget Review is an entertainment/pop culture site focusing on a variety of media.  Our reviews and commentary derive from an eclectic and quirky team of writers, all of whom are extremely passionate about establishing themselves as voices within the growing blogosphere (and, as our name suggests, are economically challenged).  Each writer has a certain area of specialization, but cross-pollination amongst our pages can and most certainly will occur.  Latest posts are always Hot off the Press.  For more info about the team, Check Us Out!  If you want to find posts by a specific author, see who’s on The Team.  Where to find categorized Reviews and Such is pretty self-explanitory.  If you want to delve into our electronic tomes of the past, bring a breath mask as you read Ye Olde Dusty Archives.

Updates: We will try to update the site as often as possible.  We have five primary areas of focus, and three secondary areas of focus:


Books.  Here, our commentary, reviews and rumors involve a wide variety of print media.  Classic literature, trendy new novels, young adult fiction, short stories, graphic novels, comic books and anything else with pages might wind up being addressed.  Print won’t be dead, so long as we’ve got something to read.

Video Games.  Whether your platform of choice is a PC, X-Box 360, PS3 or Wii, we’ll have something for you (heck, we’ll have something for everyone…except those hardcore new age Atari junkies).  Reviews of the latest and greatest have to play well with old classics.  Make sure you visit here to learn whether your latest game will bring an enjoyable or painful brain-frying experience.  Sizzle.

Music.  Saccharinely sugar-coated bubble gum pop is painstakingly examined with the same intensity (and insensitivity) as the latest scruffy, greasy, vintage-wearing Indy rock.  All forms of music – barring nothing – are susceptible to review, commentary or rumor.  If we hear something, we’ll post it here.

Movies. We’ll try to have reviews of the latest and greatest up during opening weekend.  Additionally, older, independent or obscure cinematic escapades may be reviewed.  Please don’t spend 8-12 bucks at the local multiplex…unless we tell you to.  That’s the power of mind control.

Television.  Exploring the rich history of episodic (and non-episodic) TV, we’ll provide cutting insight into the preeminence of past and present programming.  Old classics, cult classics, current classics and spanking new gemstones of televised brilliance are as likely to be here as one-shot pilot episodes and (lacking) one-hit wonders.


First Impressions.  Either we’ve been too lazy or too busy to experience the whole of the entertainment item in question.  Whether it’s a first snippet of a video game, the first half hour of a movie, or an excerpt of a book, we’ll let you know our initial gut reactions to our plethoral place settings of pop culture goodness.

Uncategorized.  Whatever doesn’t belong in the other categories gets shoved into the barren wastes of binary oblivion of the Uncategorized section.  Here, we might have a picture of our favorite pet, a post about the significance of using hair styling paste instead of mousse, or a haiku about gel pens and mechanical pencils spawning to create a mechanical gel pen that uses gelatinous graphite.  Run while you can.

Upcoming Entertainment.  Many Upcoming Entertainment articles will have a dual-category status, as a film preview would be here AND in the movies section.  Essentially, this is our rumor mill.  Any and every rumor we deem worthy of posting will find its way here, alongside the sawdust.

We welcome all (civilly written) feedback! 


The Low Budget Review Team


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