Return to Form – DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS Character Creator


It’s been quite a long time since anybody’s updated the LBR.  I can’t guarantee the frequency of updates, as we’ve all had some crazy real-life happenings going on.  Still, I told you all we’d have periodic updates.  My hope is that we’ll soon have regularly scheduled posts.

 So what grabbed me enough to post?  Well, it’s not my compilation of “Movies I’ve seen since Harry Potter 6” (which is still in development).  It’s not the latest “Song of Ice and Fire” casting buzz (another work in progress).  It’s not even my book review of Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake (coming soon).  

 No, it’s the brilliant Bioware release of the Dragon Age: Origins Character Creator.

 I’ve gathered from Bioware’s official DA:O website that this game is going to be EPIC.  Derivative as all hell, but what fantasy isn’t?  We’ve got demons invading, a last bastion of defenders in need of reinforcements, blood splattering in magnificently artistic spouts, a seemingly diverse, original and quirky team of companions and an incredibly detailed bit of world building.  With the game’s release delayed to later in the year, Bioware has released a FREE Character Creator tool to entertain all us RPG freaks that need to tweak the perfect character.  And let me tell you, I am HAPPY with what I’ve seen so far…



I can’t exactly review the ACTUAL gameplay of Dragon Age: Origins, but the character creation process is easily amongst the best of any RPG I’ve yet played.  Mercifully simpler and more streamlined than Oblivion but with significantly more options than Neverwinter Nights 2, the process is somewhat similar to character creation in Mass Effect, but without the obnoxious “loading” and “decoding”.  The tool is detailed enough for those who prefer to micromanage every facet of their character’s facial structure (like me), but it’s also potentially speedy enough for those who just want to jump right in.  Statistic distribution is fairly standard, depending on the race and class you’ve chosen (there are only three starting classes).  We have a glimpse of special powers your character can acquire throughout the game.  I also like how there is a list of voices to select for your character.  Overall, it’s a very solid character generation system.



Graphics look pretty dang spiffy.  I’m especially impressed with the eye options.  They’re vastly better than those provided by Bioware for Mass Effect.  My only quip is that the lighting seems a tad too dark.



There is no in-game music played in the character creator, but selection sounds and voiceover work seems top notch.  However, there is a sampling of music that plays at the game’s menu which is absolutely out of this world.  It’s epic, but not overly so.  There’s subtlety to it.  Can’t wait to see what the rest is like when the game’s actually released.



This is a solid character creator and has served its purpose of whetting my appetite until the game itself is released.  For a free download, it’s worth checking out if you plan on buying the game itself.


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