P$ dusts off his Wii and reviews Wii Sports Resort!

It's back!

It's back!

The haters can no longer say it’s a gimmick!

I know who you are. You, like many, are tired of a gimmick “motion sensing” console that simply replaces a button with a wave from the remote. You want full immersion into your gaming experience. Picture yourself holding a Frisbee, and with every turn of your arm and wrist your character mimics your movement. Imagine holding a sword in your hand and you’re swinging your arms, attacking enemies as they move closer to your position. You then block their attacks by holding that sword close to your body. It’s been three years and Nintendo has finally accomplished this. Welcome to the Resort.

Wii Motion Plus brings a 1:1 response to the player’s movement and the movement on the screen. Back in 2006, Wii Sports had something like this. It was small, so if you missed it I wouldn’t blame you. Remember baseball? The 1:1 response came when you were up to bat. If you twirled the top of the Wii remote in a circle, like you would a real baseball bat, it would copy your motion. That was probably the coolest thing about baseball on Wii Sports… and baseball in real life. While the original Wii Sports was a wonderful game/demo of the Wii’s initial capabilities, it wasn’t exactly what fans had hoped for… even when we faked our excitement. (Who am I kidding? I was stoked!)

You start out on a plane miles above the island of Wuhu. You hear the pilot shout: “Get ready!” You press A, and out the cabin door you go, plummeting towards the island. As you’re free-falling you can perform flips and grab onto the other sky-divers. Every twist and flip you perform is executed by the Wii remote with help from the Wii Motion Plus. Every single movement you make is replicated on the screen to a T. There is no hesitation, nor lag.

I have just described mere minutes of what will likely turn into hours of gameplay. There are a total of twelve different game modes, including Archery, Swordplay, Frisbee, Basketball, Table Tennis, Golf, Bowling, and Air Sports. You will also unlock other activities within each sport. Each game plays smoothly. Your grandmother will want to pick up and play. The one gripe that I have is that single player mode is a bit shallow. It’s fun initially, but after a while you might get bored with the lack of competition. The AI does not compare to the unpredictability of an actual friend. So go make some. (Anyone up for a game… please?)


  • Gameplay: Simple yet fun. The Wii Motion Plus adds depth to what would otherwise be shallow sport games.

I have broken down each game mode for you in a straight-to-the-point manner. Simply scroll down to the sport you’re interested in playing.


You can be this awesome too!

Archery: This is probably one of my favorite sports in the game. You hold the Wii remote in your left hand like you would a bow and you hold the nun-chuck in your right as if it were the arrow. You pull back the nun-chuck while holding Z and you aim with the remote. Release the arrow with Z and you will hopefully hit the target. It feels great! You have to compensate for wind and distance just as you would if you were actually shooting an arrow. Thumbs up!

Frisbee: The hardest game in Wii Sports Resort. The Wii Motion Plus is so sensitive that you actually have to mimic the motion of turning your body to throw left or right. The remote will know if you’re sitting down since you won’t throw accurately, just as in real life. Thumbs up!

Wakeboarding: It’s a very simple game. You move your surfer left and right by mimicking the act of steering with your arms. When your Mii flies up from a wake you can perform a few basic tricks, but nothing too fancy. You then have to land correctly. Nothing too exciting… moving on. Thumbs down!

Basketball: Another hard game. Either the presenters at E3 had to be really good or they were just playing along to a pre-rendered video. This is another game that benefits from you actually standing up and jumping to make free-throws. If you swing your arms too hard you will whip the ball at the basket. If you release too early your ball will hit the rim. Even scoring one basket will be a big accomplishment. This game truly mimics reality. Personally, I am terrible at basketball and it shows. Thumbs up!

Table Tennis: This plays like an updated version of the original Wii Sports tennis. It’s a lot of fun and a tad faster than its predecessor. The game takes into account all of your wrist movements. Have fun with this one. Thumbs up!


Swordplay: This is hands down the best multiplayer mode in the game. You hold the remote like you would a sword and you swing away. You block by holding B. It’s that easy. I now can’t wait to see what they will do in future titles. I’m looking at you, Ubisoft and Lucas Arts. Multiplayer is a blast! Most new players will just flail the remote around without trying to find an opening. This may have worked for boxing on the original Wii Sports, but no more! For those who hate playing with non-gamers because of this, you may now quit your bitching. I personally can’t wait to beat certain people. Thumbs up!

Golf: This is where the Wii Motion Plus shows its strength. Remember how frustrating the original game on Wii Sports was? This fixes every problem. It actually follows your movements when you bring the club back and forth! What a concept! This new version is better than the original. It’s also harder, since you can actually splice when you hit the golf ball. You have to re-center yourself if the remote senses any unnecessary body movement. For example, if you move your body left and right when you bring the club back you’re going to hit the ball that way. It’s awesome that they fixed the sensitivity problems… it sucks that I actually have to try now. Thumbs up!

Bowling: Nothing too cutting edge. You’ve played this before. The Motion Plus makes a small difference in gameplay. In general, it will increase the sensitivity to make the bowling experience more authentic. It’s virtually the same game with some fun extras. Thumbs up!

Power Cruising: This isn’t the most enjoyable experience in the game. It is reminiscent of Wave Race 64, except you steer with your remote and nun-chuck. You can speed up the cruiser by twisting your remote. It’s enjoyable when you’re racing friends, not so much when you’re playing alone. Pass. Thumbs down!

Canoeing: This game is loads of fun with friends; it’s not so fun playing alone (much like Power Cruising). You switch sides to steer and move your boat, much like in real life. Neither exciting nor interesting by yourself… seriously. Thumbs down!

Cycling: You move your arms up and down to pedal. Your bike will go faster or slower depending on how fast you move your arms. I honestly don’t understand why they put this in the game. You don’t actually have to steer the bike and if you try to steer it’s hard to get back on track. I suppose the race around the island isn’t too bad if you like a nice competition. Try it out for yourself and see what you think. I give it a thumbs down!

Air Sports: There are three different air sports. You can sky dive like you did in the intro to the game, fly an airplane around the island picking up information bubbles, and there is a dogfighting game that you can play with friends. You fly the plane by holding the remote like a paper airplane. It’s sort of relaxing and the admittedly useless information bubbles around the island are cute. The only gripe I have is that there is a time limit in the Island Flyover game. The dogfighting mode is fun, even if you are only shooting balloons. God forbid you shoot down the actual plane. I look forward to future flying titles.


  • Everything flows well in this game and the graphics are easy on the eyes. It doesn’t push the capabilities of the Wii, but it keeps things easy for the casual crowd… that’s the point, right?

There has been a slight improvement in the graphics since Wii Sports. The style fits the gameplay, which is simple, but I honestly can’t complain. It looks pretty, especially when you fly around the island and take a look at the different sporting locations from above. Your Miis have their own world to play in. Plus, everything runs at a nice sixty frames per second.


  • A nice tropical theme. The music doesn’t get annoying and the sound effects are clean.

There are a wide variety of musical styles. The sound effects are crisp and you’ll enjoy the thwacks of hitting your friends with a wooden sword.


  • Your Wii will once again become the center of focus at parties. Prepare for some late nights with friends.

This game will be the next big thing at parties. The casual and hardcore crowds will play this game together for hours. Whether you’re going head to head at swordplay or trying to beat each others’ scores at archery, you’re going to stay up all night playing this game.


  • YES! Your Wii’s processor may not sweat, but you will. You may even get sore from playing too much. There are just so many games and achievements within Wii Sports Resort. Your other consoles may get jealous.

I’ve been playing Wii Sports since I bought the system back in 2007. I have a feeling that I’ll be playing its sequel even longer. Nintendo has a way of making great games that keep people playing for years. (Mario Kart anyone?) Each sport will present you with the chance to reach pro status. Plus, there are achievement stamps that you can collect while playing each game. This game is just one of many gems that the company has made over the past 25 years. The re-playability is immense. You’ll be introducing your Wii to friends all over again.


Nintendo has done it one more time with Wii Sports Resort. It doesn’t push the limits of the system in terms of graphics, but what it does have is a reason for you to pick the remote back up. If this is just a glimpse of what the Wii Motion Plus has to offer, then I am incredibly excited to see what the future holds for this system. Is it worth the fifty bucks? Definitely! Pick this game up. You’re not just getting a ton of content, but also an extension on the life of your console. You could pick up the Motion Plus extension by itself, but you would be missing out. This is a better deal than Wii Play which, while it was packaged with a remote, sucked. Wii Sports Resort comes with an excellent game, the Wii Motion Plus, and a new grip to put over the remote. Pick this game up today!

9.6 out of 10




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