Fifteen 2009 Movies

A list of 15 movies from 2009 and where they stand with me as of right now.

1.) Watchmen- Loved it, loved the graphic novel more though.


2.) Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen– I could care less, the trailers made it look awful and to be honest I wasn’t impressed with the first one.


3.) Inglourious Basterds- Probably going to be a great movie, or well as great as a movie about group of Jewish soldiers to engage in targeted acts of retribution can be. It’s just not my kind of movie but please let me hear your thoughts about it when the time comes.


4.) X-men Origins: Wolverine– I saw most of it and it was pretty disappointing. I really think we could have done without it and been just fine. Lets hope the Deadpool movie is more promising.


5.) Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins– I’ve heard all around bad reviews about this movie but the trailer still haunts me, it looked really promising I’m going to have to find out for myself.


6.) Sherlock Holmes– I really want to see this movie. I love movies like this, not just because I love Robert Downey Jr. Mysteries are fun! Lets hope it is as fun as I anticipate it to be.


7.) GI JOE: Rise of Cobra– I know nothing about GI JOE but the movie looked pretty awesome to me. I know most people I’ve talked to said it looks cheesy and lame but it looks pretty entertaining to me. We’ll see!


8.) Bruno– I’m not against this movie by any means but I don’t think it is going to top Borat. It looks like it is going to put up a good fight but nothing usually tops the first.


9.) Star Trek– This was a hands down awesome movie. I’m not even a Trekkie nor have I watched more than 2 of the older movies and I’ve never laid my eyes on any of the TV shows but this movie certainly got me interested.


10.) Where the Wild Things Are– I’m very interesting in seeing how this movie turns out. I’m a fan of the book and of Maurice Sendak in general. *Fingers crossed*

11.)  UP– This movie looks like another pretty and promisingly fantastic flick.  I’ve wanted to see it for awhile now just haven’t gotten the chance. I’m almost positive it won’t disappoint.


12.) Public Enemies– I’ve missed Johnny Depp movies, this one looks pretty good.  Any movie that Depp gets to be a bad ass charming thief sounds good to me.


13.) Land of the Lost– Probably a renter for me. Not always a huge Will Ferrell fan. It’ll probably have its funny moments but I don’t think it is going to be worth the theater price.


14.) Observe and Report– I did not enjoy this movie. It isn’t what I expected, maybe it is the Psychology major in me but there were too many messed up issues going on that were supposed to be shrugged off and laughed at. It was kind of shocking.


15.) Funny People– Another renter for me. Although it does have a great cast and I usually do like Judd Apatow movies I just didn’t get the “LOL” feeling when I saw the previews for it.  The entertainment business keeps pooping out these types of movies, some are stellar and some are pretty much good for a couple laughs.



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