E3 and some other thoughts from P$

Just some quick thoughts about E3 and the future of gaming.



E3 has come and gone. We’ve had another year of some surprises and some upsets. This year’s E3 was no different. There were some pretty cool games that were announced: Left for Dead 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, a sequel to Halo, Red Steele 2 a new Metal Gear Solid game. It was a pretty solid show for every company.

I am not going to lie though, I’m pretty excited for the new God of War game: God of War 3. A game that looks so badass that it doesn’t even need a subtitle. It will be release next year so if you haven’t had the chance to play the other two God of War games, get at it. You’re missing out on two action packed, gore filled games with a wonderful story. Plus if you’re into Greek mythology you should get a kick out of it.

One of the more interesting announcements was Microsoft’s new “project natal” camera system.

Lets hope you have a big enough room.

Lets hope you have a big enough room.

It’s a camera that captures the player’s entire body and replays their motions on the screen. So if you’re playing a driving game and you mimic turning the car to the right, the car will actually turn. The same thing happens when you push your foot on the imaginary accelerator. If you’re playing a fighting game and you throw some kicks and punches the camera will pick up your movement and you will (hopefully) deliver some blows to your adversary. Understand the picture? It sounds awesome and recent impressions have stated that it works. I mean, I would assume that it would at E3. We will have to wait to see what happens when we get our hands on some actual games. I am hopeful for what lies ahead.

Nintendo had a better year at E3. They couldn’t really go anywhere but up from E3 2008, so it’s a start. Last year Nintendo gave us just a glimpse of the new Wii motion-plus add on for the Wii remote. I didn’t believe it was anything crazy at the time. It was more of an “about time” feeling that I got from the event. E3 09 added to the hype with a better demo of Wii Sports Resort. There is a whole array of different games plus some old classics like golf and bowling. From what I know, bowling and golf seem to be a lot better with the new controls. At the same time they were a blast in 06 so an enhanced version of those sports will be a huge welcome to the casual (and dare I say hardcore) community. We will all get our chance to play Wii Sports Resort when it is released next month in the US.

New Super Mario Brothers 2 is shaping up to be one hell of a game. It’s classic 2d platforming but adds chaos to mix with the option to play with friends. If you’re not too sure what I’m talking about just think of the original Super Mario game but with three other friends playing at the same time. So far it seems that you will only be able to play as Mario, Luigi and two toad characters.  It’s too bad you can’t play as Peach, but then again, Peach is pretty useless. Remember her DS outing? Super Princess Peach DS

She used her emotions as weapons.



So where are we going with gaming? Microsoft and SONY are diving into the world of motion sensing games. It wasn’t too long ago when both companies scoft at Nintendo’s idea to include Mom, Dad, and Grandma to the table. So what’s the deal? I would have to argue that Nintendo has really changed the landscape for developers and gamers alike. Can we really claim that the Wii is just some gimmicky console when their competators  are copying their formula for success? I guess that will be for another post.

Until next time folks,

Dave P$


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