2009 “MTV” Awards

Yes, I’m late on reviewing of the MTV -Twilight-Award show extravaganza! I apologize

First lets just talk about the host, Andy Samberg. I don’t know much about him in general, except what he is famous for with Justin Timberlake. Anyway,as a host he didn’t mess up, he wasn’t all that funny, so I would say overall he did fine. Okay now lets get to the juicy stuff.


Some low points of the evening:

Ben Stiller won the Generation Award this year. I can see that, I can see why they’d chose him but what I can’t see is why they did a horrible, way too long of a skit to honor him. It was awful, Ben Stiller looked bored, unamused and to be honest pissed off because they were comparing him to apes. I hate awkward moments and this to me seemed like one. I’m not blaming anyone specific, not Zac Efron or Triumph the Insult Dog or Keifer Sutherland. Actually, I’m blaming them for being lame and the writers for coming up with a uncomfortably long and not amusing tribute. Don’t get me wrong I see what they were trying to do but in my opinion this was a miss. Sort of like most of Ben Stiller’s movies. Ouch.


Another painful, but sort of funny thing was to watch Kristen Stewart. I don’t know if it is her awkward, clumsy, tripped out personality or if she was literally on something but the girl seemed out of it. It is one thing to celebrate but when she was clearly more popular than the host she should have conducted herself better. I’m all for having a good time, but wait for the after party to get stupid.  Whenever she got on stage, I just started to chuckle and shake my head at her. Maybe she was nervous? Who knows, I suppose I’ll just assume the best and assume that.


I can’t see what women see in this guy? I just want to comb his hair out of his face, that look only looks good on men that don’t look 15. How old is he anyway? Whatever, either way he was quite the hot commodity and I for one do not get it. I’m not on the Zac Efron train.


Okay so continuing into the evening…. Twilight won a lot more of awards. Seriously, did viewers even open their eyes during the movie or did they just lose all logic when Robert Patterson’s role came into play. Honestly, I love vampire movies but not this poorly acted, poorly designed, cheese-ball of a “movie”. I’m sorry to all of the young girls and some older girls out there that are in love with it, but maybe someday you’ll understand what a good vampire movie is. Maybe one with I don’t know… vampires that aren’t spider monkeys that glitter in the sunlight. Also, I want to see some blood. I didn’t read the books, and kudos to you that read the book and hated the movie. I still doubt the book is that awesome but I’m sure it’s better.


So, Bruno but his manly bits in Emeniem’s face. That was pretty funny in a horrendously awful sort of way. I was most disappointed when I found out that Emeniem’s freak out of anger about it was planned. Where is the fun in that? Geez..


Okay so lets get to some high points of the evening:

Leanne Rimes, Chris Isaak sang Jizz in my pants together and Forest Whitaker sings Dick in a Box. I honestly think Forest did a great job, it was funny as hell!


Hayden Panettiere kicked butt with her rapping skills, I was impressed. I had no idea what Big Pak was saying half the time but honestly who was even paying attention to him when she was on stage? Bravo Hayden!


Random thoughts and opinions:

Why did Megan Fox go for the gelled back hair? Did she think it was sexy? Did she think it made her look like she just got out of the shower?  For Christmas sake, she   looks ridiculous half her hair is dry! I just think the look is awful, I’m no fashion expert but perhaps I should be so I can tell people what not to do. She would have looked a lot better with her hair down and slightly curled. What happened to normal looks? This was not elegant, if anything it was gross looking.


Miley Cyrus’s dress. Ick! To be she looked like an old woman in it. I felt like she was going to fall out of it, and the colors just didn’t work for me. I think she should have worn something more her age, something cute with a color that pops out her eyes!


Zachary Quinto, I do not think he can do anything wrong this year. In fact I think this is his year! He definitely wins Best Dressed Male in my book. I loved how he was casual, yet dressy. Do the words: delicious perfection cover it? I think so.

zachary quinto

Congrats Zachary Quinto, you’re 2009’s tasty treat.

Hayden Panettiere, you win Best Dressed Female! She was absolutely fetching in her dress, her make up was perfect, and hair to boot.


Congrats Heroes stars you know how to dress to impress!

I totally forgot to mention that Kings of Leon performed! They are actually the reason I even tuned in, in the first place. They of course rocked the stage.

Well that pretty much concludes my thoughts and the review of the 2009 MTV “Twilight” Awards.

Besides the occasional awkward, and awful moments. *cough*


*cricket, cricket*

……..it wasn’t a complete waste of my time. If you haven’t seen it, turn on your TV to MTV it just might be playing now. If not watch the entire thing here:



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