First Impressions: Dark Sector


I just started playing Dark Sector, an adventure game about an ex-CIA officer who has gone to a town in Russia, and became infected with a disease. The disease is the main power in the game actually. The disease powers you up through the game, giving you more abilities with your Glaive, Hayden’s main weapon. These abilities include being able to guide the Glaive after you throw it, and power it up for a stronger throw.

I have played about 2 hours of the game so far, and I have to say, it is pretty impressive. Over the shoulder 3rd person action, a la Resident Evil 4/5 and Gears of War. The levels are linear, but greatly detailed. The atmosphere is quite nice, like in the Prologue level especially. You are dropped into the combat zone, and using a pistol and machine guns from the soldiers you kill. The mission takes place at night, and you are dressed all in black, like Sam Fisher, but without those stupid goggles. The graphics are almost black and white, using the night time setting very well. The graphics overall are very good, as is the game play.

Even though it was released in March of last year, the game is priced at $8.99 for a used copy at your local games retailer. Check t out, it is certainly worth the $9.00 it costs now, and maybe tat colors my feelings about it now, but all in all it is a solid game so far.


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