Glee is about a big hearted teacher named Will Schuester who tries to get the Glee Club back up and running to restore McKinley High School’s  former glory and take part in a national competition. It wouldn’t make for a good TV show if the task were that simple. Only six people auditioned: There was the diva soprano, the “overthetop” pretty girl with a big voice, a overly flambouant boy, a super geek that has a pull with the jazz band, a shy/awkward girl, and the surpringly talented quarter back.

You know when I first started watching Glee I was like “Wow this is a cross between Bring it on and Highschool Musical” Okay, so I’ve never seen Highschool Musical but if I had to guess it is probably the teeny bopper version of this show, but much worse.

Anyway, the first thing that surprised me when I started watching was the cast. They are all so fresh and new. Well, most of them anyway. I think Jane Lynch is absolutely hysterical in everything she has done, therefore I don’t see her doing any wrong. Her character comes off as being  superior to everyone because she has an iPhone and coaches cheerleaders, she makes the character fierce with an edge of crazy which can be funny. Jayma Mays is also in it and she is adorable, though I envy any actress that has natural red hair, at least I assume it’s natural. I know her from Heroes and Pushing Daisies, she has this unusual quality about her but it’s likeable. You can’t help but to think she is a sweet heart.

Highlights: When they started the auditions for Glee Club and Jenna Ushkowitz’s character ‘came out’ on stage and sand “I kissed a girl” I busted out laughing. Another part of the show that made me “LOL” was when Stephen Tobolowsky from Heroes made an appearance. This normally creepy man, will definitely surprise you.

My favorite character so far is Lea Michele’s character, she tries so hard to be the best. I thought it was funny when she made a Myspace page to post her music videos with her pink “hot stuff” computer. It certainly brought me back to high school… I mean… actually for most of the show I feel bad for her. She did a really good job at being intense, and over dramamtic. I wonder if being overly dramatic is hard for an actor

Basically, I love all of the characters so far except the teacher’s wife. You’ll see, you’ll dislike her too. Maybe that will change, who knows. I’m unsure what to think about the teacher himself.  Matthew Morrison’s character slowly unraveled throughout the pilot. I didn’t fully  understand why he was jumping through so many hoops for Glee Club to work out. It was briefly mentioned why he is doing all this  but I’m hoping we learn more.

Overall the pilot for the show didn’t disappoint. I really liked the singing and dancing parts, of course those are the best. I’m not sure this is one of the shows I’d regularly watch, but if it was on I wouldn’t turn it. I believe it will be posted on Hulu.com free for viewing. I’d recommend you to watch it especially if you like drama(not theater), music and dancing.


Side note: You know what? I’m just impressed that someone came up with the idea to make a show about Glee Club. It’s unique and kudos to them for making it work.


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