“Dollhouse” (2009)


Joss Whedon created a new show this year called “Dollhouse”.  I’m not going to lie the only reason I even started to watch the show was because I’m such a huge “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fan. I haven’t even seen all of Angel, and I’ve only seen a little bit of Firefly but since the main character in this show is played by a BTVS cast member I decided to check it out.

In case you haven’t watched Dollhouse yet, let me give you a brief introduction to what the plot is about. A secret organization underground with labs, and futuristic housing have been creating so called “Dolls”. Humans come in and dedicate their lives to this organization for 5 years, they have their minds wiped and their original identities put on file. To do this they receive a treatment, which will make more sense if you watch the show.

What do the Dolls do? They are imprinted with false memories and skills of other humans and sent out on tasks and missions that clients pay the Dollhouse for. When they are on a mission they are called Actives.

How are the Dolls when they aren’t imprinted? Basically they are living zombies, except peaceful and no brain eating… yet anyway.

I realize that a lot of people have been giving Dollhouse a hard time because it has a great plot, but awful execution. Also, a lot of them complain about the actors being the same as Joss has used before. I’ll admit the pilot was awful, I think they could have done a lot better. If I wasn’t such a dedicated fan I probably wouldn’t have continued watching but fortunately I did because by the 3rd episode things started to get interesting and I was hooked. You aren’t just watching the secrets of the Dollhouse unravel, you are learning about who the Dolls really are, you get to take a trip outside the Dollhouse on missions, and you get the perspective from someone who is trying to take down the Dollhouse.

Speaking of that, the gentleman named Paul Ballard, that is trying to take down the Dollhouse was one of the characters that took me a long time to even like, let alone understand. I do not think they explained well enough why he was so very interested in the Dollhouse or why he even knows about it.  I realize he found the case for the missing girl (Eliza Dushku) and wants to find her but everything else is a bit blurry.

Inside of the Dollhouse, I love every character. I think they are all developing really well, or their personality is unique.

The Dollhouse is run by someone named Adelle DeWitt. She is full of mystery, and spunk. She is definitely someone I would not want to mess with. I love how she always keeps her cool, and yet still maintains to looks professional and bad ass.

Topher Brink is a genius programmer that works with the Dolls to imprint them. He is great because he is young, funny and nerdy. He is not the typical looking computer programmer.  He almost looks like a student at college that spent all his days in his room working on computers and playing video games while eating junk food and someone slipped into becoming a genius. With a little bit of surfer dude, as well.  His personality is my favorite, though we don’t know much about his past yet, it isn’t yet a problem for me.

All of the Dolls in the house are given their own name from the NATO phonetic alphabet  such as Alpha (who we learn to not like) Echo (who is Eliza and the main character)  Sierra, November,  and Victor.  We do not know all of the Dolls yet, just a select few. Which I actually hope changes, I would like it if they added a few more Dolls to the mix.

Overall I think the cast and crew fits very well. Despite the fact that Joss and Eliza used repeat characters. So what? They’re friends, they enjoy working together and it works. You would probably do the same thing if you were in Joss’s shoes. I’ll admit it was quite a risk after Firefly tanked but I think it’ll last a bit longer and yes that is optimistic of me to say but I’m hoping Season 2 will be awesome. I’m not completely bought over everything, I think Eliza needs to work more on being different individuals and looking and acting different each time. I think the overall plot could be a bit darker, and less corny but after the Season Finale I’m hoping they are changing things up. We’ll see..



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